Frequently Asked Questions

I understand how confusing it can be to set up or update a website. I am here to help! Below are some of the most common inquires I have received. If your questions have not been addressed, please feel free to contact me.

FAQ - For Those Without A Website

There are three components to a website:

(1) A domain name, which is the URL people type in to find your page. For example the search engine Google has the domain name

(2) Web hosting, think of this as a hard-drive in the cloud that holds all of the files that are associated with your website.

(3) Software; with a name and a place to host your site we then can install the CMS software that will run your website.

Yes. Unlike many of my competitors, I request that each client purchase the domain name themselves. This way they are the legal owner. The company I recommend is

It is always best if YOU purchase the hosting. This will eliminate any confusion over who owns the site. There are many different companies that can host your site, but not all are equal. A good web host can save you many headaches, this is why I offer to wave the setup fee for those willing to use my recommended provider link. You can access it here.

Domain Name 
Available here

A domain name from Hover (for .ca, .com or .net) is approximately $15 for a year.

Website Hosting
Available here 

Web hosting prices vary and are dependent on the package you choose. With my recommended provider NameHero, prices starting at $4.30 USD per month. (paid yearly) You may find a better deal elsewhere, but remember: Cheaper is not always better.

Website Design & Development Cost

Experience shows that buyers want to have an idea of price before reaching out to me. A simple no-frills single page website starts at $650 CAD; a normal five page site is $1,100 CAD. These prices may vary dependent on your requirements. Use the contact page to get an exact quote. A upfront fee of half the agreed upon total is needed before starting the project.

Once you have spoken with me and agreed to the price, you will need to purchase your domain name and website hosting. I will need you to email the login information for both and your down payment of half the quoted fee.

In most cases you will be required to provide any written content. For example, there is a good chance that I do not know you, therefore it would be impossible to write a meaningful page about you or your company. If you do not feel capable of writing the content yourself, I can provide a quote for a copy writing service.

Yes. All of my websites come with up to five free stock images. If additional images are required, I can provide them for a fee.

Yes. I can provide one at an additional charge.

Absolutely! I will work with you to find colours that represent your brand.

Yes. You will be given instructions on how to add and change content. If you are not comfortable with doing this I can manage your website for an additional fee.

FAQ - For Those Upgrading A Website

No. If you are happy with your current provider, you can stick with them.

Without knowing the host you are currently using, it is difficult to answer. There have been considerable advances in the technology some website hosting companies use. Using a modern server can speed up your website dramatically. The company I use for myself is NameHero

No, it only requires changing the DNS record where you own your domain name. I will do this for you.

Depending on if you switch hosting providers or not, your site could be down a few hours. In most cases it does not take that long. I build your new website on a temporary server, so the time it takes to create will not affect anything.

Once you have spoken with me and agreed to the price, you will need to purchase your website hosting if you are changing providers. I will need you to email the login information for your domain name register and hosting. Your down payment of half the quoted fee will be required to proceed.